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The Beauty Of Quimbanda Congo

The Spirits of Quimbanda

In Quimbanda, the collective group of male spirits are known as Exu's who are very powerful beings called upon to intervene in material matters, as well as those related to the human experience. The Exus might be called upon by a practitioner for issues connected to love, power, justice, and vengeance. Although only a small percentage of Brazil's population acknowledges that they practice Quimbanda, it's not uncommon for people to consult with the Exus prior to going to court or entering into major business contracts. The female spirits of Quimbanda are called the Pomba Gira's, and they typically represent sexuality and feminine power. Like many other African diasporic goddesses, the Pomba Giras are a collective, who manifest in a number of different forms. Maria Mulambo, the "lady of the trash", might be invoked to bring bad luck to an enemy. Rainha do Cemitério is the queen of the graveyards and the dead. Dama da Noite is the lady of the night, associated with darkness. Women often invoke the Pomba Giras in ritual to regain control over their relationships with men—husbands, lovers, or fathers. For many female practitioners, work with the Pomba Giras can be an effective economic strategy in a culture where women's ability to generate income is often restricted.

Ogum appears as an intermediary during rituals, and is connected to warfare and conflict. Similarly to Ogun in the Yoruba and Candomble religions, Ogum is associated with the crossroads, and is viewed as a powerful orisha.

Most People have a misunderstanding against Quimbanda Congo, It's a tradition of ancestral worship, connection with nature and a very fast and powerful tradition especially when it comes to spell work. Quimbanda is with out limitations of who you are and your sexuality aswell and more.

I am going to dedicate my self to bring better understanding about this beautiful craft and it's power, It’s something you will not ever regret. This tradition is without judgement of ones self per say.


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