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Palo Mayombe - Questions & Answers - Magic, Initiation, Nature

In this blog post, we will answer some common questions on Palo Mayombe that our subscribers have asked; and in doing so we will enlighten you on the depth, power and beauty of Palo Mayombe so that you can have a greater understanding of this raw force and in depth spiritual tradition.

Is Palo Mayombe High Magic or Low Magic?

This is a question we have received and can answer definitively.

Palo Mayombe is most definitely high magic. First of all, when you go through the initiation process in Palo Mayombe and you are scratched, you actually die and come back to life in the spiritual realms, you are reborn. And this is what gives you the power to work with the spirits of the woods, the spirits of the dead and with Malongo and all of these energies. You become Father of the Mysteries.

In Palo Mayombe, we work with Malongo (nature) and the dead; this includes the leaves, the trees, the dirt, the elements, the animals, the insects and of course the Mpungo (the higher deities of nature (Malongo). All of these powerful and living parts of Malongo carry a very strong energy that is based on it's specific properties. For example, the dirt from a crossroads carries a certain type of energy, the leaves of Espanta Muerto carry another type of energy, the horn of a goat carries another type of powerful energy and the sticks (palo's) of Abre Camino carry another type of energy. The sand from the ocean carries another type of energy and the skin of a lion will carry another type of energy.

All of these energies carry a specific power, and everything in Palo Mayombe is deep and complex. Alot of things have to be done in the process of spellwork/ensouling an Nkisi for it to be powerful and living.

There is nothing you can't do with Palo Mayombe; there is a very wide variety and depth of spells that can be done; and when one of these spells is done by a real and authentic Tata, it is very strong.

Palo Mayombe is known for it's very strong black magic and this is correct. It is very strong in works of war magic whether it's for defending yourself on going on the offensive. It doesn't get any bigger than Palo Mayombe when it comes to this. However, there is much more to Palo Mayombe than just war magic. It is a beautiful and powerful tradition and truly it's the raw force of nature.

Palo Mayombe can be used for good, and it can be used for bad. It's all in the heart of the Tata/Yaya who is doing their works.

Is Palo Mayombe Good or is it Bad?

Palo Mayombe is to help better a persons life, it is to protect a person, to alternate and manipulate the energies in a persons life to turn it from negative to positive. It is to improve your life in all possible ways and manifest the conditions that you want in your life.

There is nothing that can't be achieved with Palo Mayombe.

Palo Mayombe is not bad, it is a raw force and the good or bad is completely in the heart of the person/Tata or Yaya who is working the tradition. It is raw energy that you can use to work with and manipulate the energies of nature which is vast and massive.

The Tata's of the old times in Dilanga Ncongo (ancient times) were role models and helped the community. However, when someone was trying to hurt somebody who was innocent then that person has to be defended spiritually.

The Kindembo (Nganga) is used to cure. In Cuba, back in the days, the Tata's had to work Palo Mayombe in secret to avoid persecution from the authorities.

There is a story that back in the days, there was a general/soldier had a daughter who was dying and she couldn't be saved with normal means. So this general/soldier went to the Tata's house which gave of the impression to the Tata of "here we go again" as it's obvious the Tata would think a situation with the authorities was about to occur. Instead, the general/soldier asked the Tata to save his daughter and that he'd pay the Tata anything.

The Tata asked the general/soldier to bring his daughter and so he did just that, and he saved and cured her and made her better. She was better and healed. The official asked the Tata what he wanted including any money he wanted. The Tata just asked for the authorities to leave him alone and let his practise his tradition. And the official agreed that from now on the Tata would not be bothered and persecuted and they would be allowed to work their tradition in peace.

As you can see, Palo Mayombe is very beautiful and powerful. It is strong, and there is nothing you can't do within Malongo (the forces of nature).

We hope you gained some important knowledge with this post and a better understanding of Palo Mayombe. We wish you all the best at our house and success in all that you do so that you can get ahead in life.

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If you have any other questions that you would like to be answered or any specific requests then please get in touch with us on any of our platforms and we'd be happy to answer your questions and/or discuss requests with you.

Palo Mayombe with the magic and energies of nature,

Thankyou and be blessed,

Tata Oriate



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