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About Me

Tata Oriata is Omo Oshun and Oriate Olu Osain in the Lukumi/Yoruba tradition.


He was first baptized in Espiritismo, Sance, 21 Division, and then received Santo Lavao. Afterwards, he got initiated into the Palo Mayombe tradition and was crowned in Osha. 


He later received Osain, and the ceremony of Irete Kutan. In this ceremony, you receive Igba OSHA which gives you the title and rank of Oriate, which is the highest rank within the Olorishas. 


Tata has also been initiated into the tradition of Quimbanda.


He is passionate about helping people with these spiritual traditions and preserving the beauty and authenticity that they hold. Overall, he is committed to helping people get ahead in life and achieve their goals.


Tata Oriate's life has been filled with spirituality since his youngest days; this is because he grew up with grandparents on both sides of his family that were deeply involved in these powerful traditions.

As a child, he grew up seeing spirits and paranormal activities. These experiences caught his attention; he wanted to learn more and continue exploring these paths.  


Sorcery runs in his blood; and he wants to show the beauty and strength of these traditions when they are practised correctly. The results are life changing.

Tata Oriate feels a strong sense of commitment to uphold these traditions with authenticity and honesty; this comes from the fact that he is a priest within these traditions and wants to guide people in the right way and let people experience the happiness, strength and beauty that comes when these traditions are practised correctly.


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